Our Team
We have an international, multidisciplinary investment team with long-standing private equity experience with mid-sized businesses. All investment decisions are exclusively made by the ECM team – fast, flexible, pragmatic. Our culture is characterised by team spirit, entrepreneurship and reliability.
Marius Buxkämper Investment Associate ECM
Marius Buxkämper
Investment Manager
Christoph Demers
Investment Associate
Axel Eichmeyer Managing Partner ECM
Axel Eichmeyer
Managing Partner, Managing Director
Dominique Gerlach
Team Assistant
Paul Hansen
Paul Hansen
Investment Associate
Florian Kähler Partner ECM
Florian Kähler
Partner, Managing Director
Benedikt Müller
Investment Associate
Chris Peisch Founder Partner ECM
Chris Peisch
President (CEO) of ECM U.S. Inc., Founder, Managing Director
Alexander Schönborn Director ECM
Alexander Schönborn
Investment Director
Florian Thelenberg Investment Manager ECM
Florian Thelenberg
Investment Director
Max Thielemann Investment Associate ECM
Max Thielemann
Investment Manager
Ben von Schulz
Investment Manager